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1-Wave Spring

Wave Spring

This high precision wave spring is made with Japanese stainless steel. With a variety of uses, such as in automobiles, ships, and construction equipment, this product displays high load-ability suitable even in rigorous environments requiring corrosion resistance.

Compared to standard coil springs, wave springs have a small build and save space while maintaining a similar level of load capacity.
Along with typical stainless steel, SUS304, we handle all types of atypical wire types, such as the highly corrosion-resistant SUS316, and the high strength, heat-resistant and excellent at spring fatigue characteristics SUS631.

Table Specifications 

Using our proprietary coiling technology to compress load dispersion to its limit, we have designed and produced wire of unsurpassed coil stability.

Fig. Compress load dispersion to its limit

2-Coil Spring

Coil Spring

These precision coil springs are manufactured from Japanese stainless steel. In addition to the general-purpose SUS304 spec, we also deploy a range of materials to suit your needs, including highly corrosion-resistant SUS316 and materials that other firms find challenging, such as Hastelloy, titanium, and Inconel.

Coil Spring02

We offer our coil springs in a wide range of formats, from minimal 2~3.5 coil models (not offered by other manufacturers because adjusting load-bearing capacity at these small intervals is difficult) to springs with several dozen coils.
We work with you to provide the model you need in the material and wire diameter you request.

Coil Spring03

We can also provide the helical extension springs and garter springs. These springs made of hasteloy have been used successfully for ship parts, and are well-known for their reliability.

Coil Spring04

Using custom, in-house techniques, we can apply curves to straight and conical springs.
Angle and length of curvature can also be adjusted to your needs.These adjustments can serve to create a detent to keep the spring from rotating when affixed.

Table Specifications 

3-Torsion Spring

Torsion Spring

We can provide you torsion springs, double torsion springs, battery terminals, and elliptical springs, which wire diameter is from 0.2mm to 1.5mm. These springs made of SUS304, SUS316, hasteloy, beryllium, and titanium have been used successfully.



View inside the factory

View inside the factory

Our customers demand much of us, and to satisfy them we do not simply use the standard marketplace coiling machine, but instead customize our products on both the hard and soft sides.
We have developed specialized software with particular regard for the soft side based on our experience and technical expertise acquired over many years, Each of our coiling machines embodies our abilities.
Our proprietary technologies allow us to coil high precision wave springs with hard to handle materials such as hastelloy, titanium, inconel, and others.

View inside the factory02

We consult with the customer on expectations and uses at the planning stage to find the optimum spring for them.
We work hard at every aspect, from prototyping, evaluation, and feedback, all the way to production.

We developed our own lot management system to manage drawing numbers, material quality, wire diameter, and wire shape. The system uses bar codes to minimize human error. The system integrates management of product specs, traceability, production planning, and more.

Example of standard

Example of standard

Example of custom ordered specialized packaging

Example of custom ordered specialized packaging

Pallet packaging

Pallet packaging


Company Profile

Iruma factory

Iruma factory

Hanno factory

Hanno factory

ISO9001 certified

ISO9001 certified

We provide products with maximum reliability leveraging high-tech manufacturing!

Established in 1963, our company is a pioneering manufacturer of stainless steel springs. We have a 50 year track record processing stainless steel and special materials including Hastelloy C, Inconel, and titanium.
We are the global market share leader for automotive mechanical seal springs. Our products are used extensively around the world.
Our two factories are located in the cities of Iruma and Hanno in Saitama, Japan. Their capacity is sufficient for your needs.
All products are ISO 9001-certified. Our strict quality control brings only the highest quality products to our customers.
We aim to deliver outstanding craftsmanship with the quality, speed, and cost that you demand. We seek to build long-term, friendly business relationships with customers, and we look forward to hearing from you.


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