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Coiled Wave Springs

Is it possible to exchange a pressing washer with a wave washer (for cost reduction purpose)?
Yes. We've had success with this. In general, the wave washers tend to have a lower spring rate than pressing washers, so customization would be required to compensate this issue.
Do you have a standard product for coiled wave spring?
We don't have any standard items in particular. We try to offer customized products or propose solutions based on your needs.
Can you manufacture an identical product of another manufacturer's coiled wave springs based on their catalogue?
Yes we can. We've had many achievements on manufacturing and exporting as an OEM for foreign spring manufacturers.
What kind of materials do you handle for coiled wave springs?
Hard steel wire, SS 304, SS 316, 17-7PH, and Inconel. Please consult us if you're interested in any other materials.
How long does it take until delivery?
If your order can make use of our current inventory and fixtures, we can deliver it to you in 1 week at the fastest. If the order requires new material and fixture, then it would take at least 1 month.
Why is there a brown or blue luster despite the fact that it's stainless?
This is due to the heat treatment done in a special furnace, mainly for improving the strength of the material, and also to avoid any processing strains such as warping when coiling. The change in color is a reaction by the plating applied to the original material and the oil attached to the surface when put in the furnace.

Coiled Springs

Is SS 316 resistant to an environment exposed to seawater?
Even with the SS 316 there is a possibility of corrosion when exposed to seawater. We recommend Hastelloy as an alternative, they have a higher resistance to corrosion.
What material do you recommend for using in a high temperature environment?
We recommend Inconel. Based on the expected use of environment (temperature and or conditions) we can propose solutions with methods for optimum heat treatment.
Is it possible to exchange the spring wires on a piano string to stainless steel?
Yes, it's possible if the measurements of the wire thickness and diameter are appropriately readjusted. If there are restrictions for changing its size (due to installation purpose), we can provide alternative stainless steels that's equivalent in strength and durability to SWP-B type piano wires. Please feel free to consult us for more details.

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