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Stainless Springs Manufacturer | Nippon Stainless Spring CO., LTD


Our products are manufactured in a fully customized facility, ready to produce highly functional springs in a wide variety of forms. We also offer an abundance of materials to choose from our lineup.

Category Range
Outer Diameter (D) 2-75mm
Thickness (t) 0.1-4.5mm
Available Material SS304、 SS316, 17-7PH, Hastelloy-C276, Hastelloy-C22, Hastelloy-B, Inconel, Titanium, Phosphor Bronze
※Available thickness in Hastelloy series are up to 1.2mm
Coiled Springs detail

Types of Coiled Springs

  • Wave Springs

    Standard Wire Springs

    By changing the number of coil and the width of the wire, the spring rate can be freely adjusted to your desire. For compression and tension springs, conical (tapered) form is also optional, as well as selecting the winding direction (left or right).

  • Coiled Springs

    Minimum Coiled Springs
    (Non-JIS Standard)

    With less than 3½ coils, these springs can take on a high amount of load while still saving some space. They're not under JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) but we're capable of production.


Is SS 316 resistant to an environment exposed to seawater?
Even with the SS 316 there is a possibility of corrosion when exposed to seawater. We recommend Hastelloy as an alternative, they have a higher resistance to corrosion.
What material do you recommend for using in a high temperature environment?
We recommend Inconel. Based on the expected use of environment (temperature and or conditions) we can propose solutions with methods for optimum heat treatment.
Is it possible to exchange the spring wires on a piano string to stainless steel?
Yes, it's possible if the measurements of the wire thickness and diameter are appropriately readjusted. If there are restrictions for changing its size (due to installation purpose), we can provide alternative stainless steels that's equivalent in strength and durability to SWP-B type piano wires. Please feel free to consult us for more details.

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