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At Japan Stainless Spring Co., Ltd. we fully respect the privacy of our customers. Any handling of customer information provided through our website (via internet) will be done with utmost care, while observing the laws of Japan in regards to the protection of personal information. Below are our policies concerning the use of our website.

Use of Private Information

As a general rule, our customer's personal information will only be disclosed to you and the company, and strictly for the following purposes:

  • For the sales team to provide customers with potentially useful information.
  • Data analysis for improving our services (limited to our internal use).
  • For inquiry on customer satisfaction.

Provision and Disclosure of Private Information

We will handle all personal information that is provided with utmost care, making sure it will not be disclosed to any third party, with the exceptions below. (Please note, provision of personal information to a third party will be in the confines of the subject matter where they will be obligated to an agreement of confidentiality. It will be managed under strict observance for protection.)

  • If NSSP has the customer's approval or consent in advance.
  • If NSSP is required by law to disclose personal information.

In the case where a customer wishes to suspend disclosure of information, we will proceed by confirming the identity of the requester before shutting it down in our data system. If the customer would like to make any changes to their submitted information, please contact us with the information below.


Should there be any change(s) made to the content on this current page, we will inform you through this website.

Contact in Regards to Our Company's Privacy Policy

Below is our contact information if you have any questions or comments regarding the handling of private information through the use of our website.

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